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I have four days off in a row this week (hours are a bit thin right now), and I am determined to do more than Skyrim and laundry. Tuesday marks my first official day as a non-student, since that's when my school goes back to classes. Bittersweet though it is, I won't let laziness get the best of me. I'm planning on some significant work on constructive things, like improved diet, getting crafty again, also possibly getting Crafty again, and getting my lazy behind outside for some light activity like biking or jogging (though we might just start with a dog-walk). Oh yeah, I probably ought to do some serious housecleaning. Oi.

Resuming crafts and arts is really something that is important to me, because that dropped off entirely when I went back to school. I think I sewed a grand total of three shirts and one shopping cart seat cover over the course of the two years I was finishing my degree. Ugh! I miss it. I picked up a drop spindle this fall and I'm enjoying spinning-- its very relaxing, because unlike with knitting, I find a comfortable flow with it, and can watch TV or hold a conversation while I do it. I've always wanted to try my hand at quilting, too. I think I have a quilt block pattern with either triquetras, pentagrams, or circular knots hidden away somewhere.

In addition to those personal goals, Mr. Luckey and I also have some things arranged for the upcoming year. We're going on our first experimental (and short, and easy) backpacking trip in February, to a wonderful State Natural Area called Enchanted Rock. I'm scheduled to perform a wedding in March, and another one in May, both for some great friends, which is awesome. Then, in June or July, we are going to Seattle for about a week. Hopefully we'll squeeze in a few more long weekend camping trips this spring as well.

I'm rather excited for this Sunday, when I will go with a budding local Pagan group to a quaint part of Houston to meet with another local group for a little "meet and greet". (Houston is so large that we have meetups based on metropolitan quadrants; this one is our group [Northwest] and another group [Northeast] meeting for the first time). There are some really lovely women I've grown to know since we started our quadrant's group around September. I'm happy to be able to devote my attention more to my spirituality outside of a scholarly context (I did a lot of my Anthropological and Religious Studies work based on paganism and magic), maybe study runes, ogham and/or tarot, and perhaps get to know some folks more than just "over coffee".

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