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Well, here I am, dipping toes into another interactive blogging/journaling/thought-vomiting forum. I keep thinking that I'll find just the right mix of podium and discussion board; I'm a veritable Goldilocks of expression forums.

I've found, particularly through the end of my University study for my Bachelor's degree, that I enjoy writing quite a bit. At least, the thought-expressy kind of writing; not so much the "and her pulse quickened as s/he leaned in, so slightly, so achingly, infuriatingly, adverbingly... " *cough*, sorry, kind. Never was much into that adverbingly sort of writing. Also, get me a copyright on that word please.

I'm at a fairly major transitional point in my life-- I just graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Anthropology (that's right; with a capital "A") and Religious Studies. The subject matter, I love love love. The directly related job prospects, not so much, unless I am able to put in several more years as a graduate student. Constellations of prospects abound, however, and I am currently working part-time at REI, with ambitions to build a career in outdoor education and/or recreation. Another reason for my transitional status is that Mr. Luckey, my husband, is on the cusp of promotion at his job, which will likely move us from our current city (if not state).

I'm gunning for Oregon. Lots of trees.
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